July 23, 2020

Vintage '87, My Why

Happy 33rd Anniversary to my parents! 💍 I share these photos and use them as a reminder for why I love capturing weddings. I remember flipping through this wedding album when I was only 4 years old and getting mad because I didn’t see myself (I was born 3 years later, 90s baby!)

As I have grown and have come into my own as a man, I’ve began to cherish more moments with family. I’m the same age now as my father was in this photo. Many faces in these photos are no longer here with me today and these images bring me to a place of joy and celebration in remembrance of them. It’s why I love to do what I do.

RIH to my Grandfather Joseph aka "Squeaky", my Grandma Daisy, my big cousin Joe aka "Boot", my uncle Jerry and my uncle Curtis. All featured in the middle group shot.

When you book me to capture your wedding, you’re not just getting a hobbyist, you’re getting someone who is driven to tell your story by moments like this. To my parents, thank you for showing me unconditional love and resilience over the years. I pray I make you proud.