We got #CurryedAway

Hello and Welcome back to my blog!

These last 2 weeks have been super busy from working and travel. It’s so crazy to see JeffreyLynnMedia Photography taking off at the exponential rate that it is.

I literally just posted on Facebook on how wearing multiple hats as a business owner is TRUE WORK. Not only am I the sole photographer, I balance the books, arrange travel, edit, advertise and work a full time job outside of this role. This season of “Suddenly” is evolving and challenging me in ways that I know will only make me better by enhancing my quality of work and the ways I go about doing business.

This past week, I had the pleasure of traveling to Baltimore, MD with my partner to photograph an engagement session for 2 friends of ours. I first met Danielle over 3.5 years ago when she lived here in Raleigh through my partner and we have been tight ever since. I met her fiancé, and my Phrat Brother (06!!!!!!!!!), Michael shortly after and I immediately knew that they were meant for each other. She later relocated to Baltimore from Raleigh for her new job with Amazon. Man do I miss our friend group dinners at Brasa!

Never underestimate the power of social media as the main location that we shot images at was the Bromo-Seltzer Arts Tower that I found through a random search of hashtags on Instagram. Immediately upon finding this place, I sent over the info to Danielle and Michael and they loved it. We were able to reserve the clock tower for an hour and made the magic that you see throughout the imagery of this post. @Shayladiazbeauty was the MUA from Mac and beat Danielle’s face for the GAWDS! Danielle and Michael also lived very close to the waterfront and we were able to get some amazing shots there during the golden hour.

I never take for granted the work that I do with JeffreyLynnMedia Photography. After each session when I’m hunched over at my desk on my laptop, you’ll always see a big smile on my face as I re-live the session when culling through images. It’s almost as if my mind takes mental snap shots of each moment and I can remember exactly where we were and what conversations were taking place at that very moment.

I constantly have to remind myself that I am meant for this and that it is my calling to document these precious memories that these couples will remember forever. As a creative, you tend to always compare yourself to others and their aesthetic. What has been very liberating and reaffirming to me is working with clients that love MY aesthetic and reassure me through encouraging words that I do not take lightly and this couple did just that! Thank you, Danni and Michael, for having faith in me as your photographer and working with me in creating greatness.

Source: https://jeffreylynnmedia.pixieset.com/g/danielleandmichael/